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Newcastle, Wyoming
November 24, 1938     News Letter Journal
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November 24, 1938

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THE NEWS LETTER-JOURNAL, NEWCASTLE, WYOMING i THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 24, 1938 last Friday. About twelve mothers visited the room. This exhibit was Noles theaboutresultindians.Of a three weeks' study  HIGH SCHOOL Donna Lee Burns has gone to Missouri to spend Thanksgiving 'with her grandmother. Mrs. Stevens gave us a lovely rose geranium plant for our room. and Dorothy Nixcn The children are eager to see it Reporbers bloom. Bess Cummings Roger Hoffman is a new pupil in Betty Luce, Betty Elliott the first grade from Rapid City. .............. George Butler, Bobby Martens is in the hospi- Lucitle Titus t al at Hot Springs. The 5th grade ............ Donald Jackson Sport Reporters Davis and Bob Titus Grade Reporter Ruth Yeager Humor Patty Jackson Advisor Miss Bostrom SENIOR NEWS senior class meeting held of last week. it was dis- the work on the annual on its way. The subject of also brought up, and ev- is urged to pay them as as )ossible. party, held on Friday was well attended by sen- enjoyed the par- even if there were a included, class pictures should their appearance very soon. they' re good. of last week, a woman Colorado State Women's visited our school. Seweral girls were called to and enjoyed a nice visit JUNIOR NEWS Junior play cast is working the play ready to give 16th, the date set for the is a sentimental corn- deals with the life and of the Armstrong have not been regular- as yet although two have been called. Thurs- English period and on evening at 7 o'clock prac- called. AND SOPHOMORE during assembly per- class issued a .to the freshmen proclamation stated that T the freshmen boys were short pants or their pants above their knees, with around their knees. favorite toys, preferably requiremeJnts for girls were dresses, green hair ribbons All freshmen were to Sophomores and obey their or else suffer the corse- S sight greeted the of the students. Freshmen SCUrrying here and there oh- and trying to escape ,the An assembly was held eriod with freshmen After many trying freshmen were announ- fledged N. H. S. citizens, treated to all-day suck- BARN DANCE gymnasium was a scene of on Friday night. The Class gave a barn dance with trimmings, for the whole lights were used, while were dancing. were stalls along of the gym, the orchestra in the middle of the an old wooden horse, hay strung around in the a ladder ascending to hay loft. A few live hay, hay, hay every- up one's nose. down one's and in one's shoes and hair. the evening entertain- as provided by the boy's Alex Mitich and his gui- Hale and Alex and the guitar and Marie Musso are writing letters t0 him. Kend- rick Johnson visited him Saturday. .The fith grade gave a play Fri- day for their mothers. The name of it was "Sacajawea's Life." They made their own costumes ud wrote the play. The fifth grade are glad Mr. Hale came to see it. NfUSIC Betty Jones has been selected to sing soprano in the girl's quartet. The girls glee club sang at a re- cent meeting of the American Le- gion Auxiliary. The boys quartet is preparing se- lections they will sing sometime in the near future. SPEECH Work is going forward in pre- paring for the coming debate with Campbell county high school De- cember 8th. The debate will be held at Gillette at 7:15 p. m. We plan to be represented by twd teams so that our debaters will argue both the negative nd the affirmative sides of the question. LIBRARY NOTES Several new books nave been added to our school library, they include books of fiction, biogra- ly, travel and general interest. Some of t.he titles are Midstream by Helen Keller, My 5ournai by Helen Keller, Something of Myself by Rudyard Kipling, i w Worlds to Conquer by Richard Hailiburton, Captain Nichols by Hugh R. Wad- pole, Shmmimg up oy Sorrerset Maughrn, The Young Scott, WiN li,azn Penn and Do You Believe It ? by Caldwell and Lundeen. An In- dian Odyessy by Dr. Keith. In addition to these new books, our librarian, Miss Watt,-has se- cured a number of books from the city library which are being re- checked to high school pupils. From time to time these books wilt be exchanged for others in order that pupils will have a wider varie- ty of reading material from which to choose. SPORTS The Dogies answered Coach Strong's call for basketball play- ers to the tune of 50 or more. The annual class tournament, was held on Monday and Tuesday afternoon. Monday the freshmen were pitted against the seniors in a lop-sided game. The seniors, who have only six men from w'nich to pick a team looked pretty slow and need polish- ing in spots although the score was 44 to 12 in favor of the upper classmen. Among the freshmen who showed up as good prospects were V. Farley and C. Taylor. The second game between the sophomores and juniors was wen by the sophomores. This game was a better contest than the first, but the sophs, ith P. Farley, W. Brook and Cummings outstanding had the edge during the whole game. The juniors lack height and teamwork although they have some clever ball handlers. In Tuesday's games the juniors took the freshmen into camp to win first place. The fastest game of the tournament, yet the most outstanding upset of all, came When the sophomores cleaned the seniors 10 to 6 in the finals for 1st and 2nd place. The balcony roared almost constantly, the game was and doughnuts were serv- shments and the party at 11:30 o'clock. we say let's have more if not better. GRADE NEWS second grade room had an art exhibit in heir room Vegetable-Eating Estes Expecting Twelfth Child so closely contested. WHAT IF Jim were a fiddle instead of The vegetarian Estes family--13 of them--soon to be 14. Left to right, St, Louis I1, Suzanne, Dixie Lou, Medora, St. Louis HI, St. Louis IV, St. Louis V, Natasha, Dimples, Chickadee, St. Loui$. VL Mr. and Mrs. Estes and baby, Honeysuckle. AN FRANCISCO.--The 13 raw vegetable, nuts and fruit eat- ing Estes soon will be 14, Mrs. St. Louis Estes, wife of the 73-year-old doctor and health lecturer who frowns on fish, fowl and meats, revealed she is ex- pecting a 12th child during a visit here in connection with Dr. Estes' lecture tour. Mrs. Estes, who with her chil- dren follows the strict diet set up by her husband as a guide to vigor and lasting health, astound- ed Hollywood neighbors and ,physicians in July, 1937, when, two hours after giving birth to a nine-pound girl, she was up directing the feeding and care of her llth baby. Dr. St. Louis (I'm Strong As Steel) Estes, who calls his 11 children, five boys and six girls, his "football team," was given six months to live in 1911 when creeping paralysis attacked him while he was practicing dentis- try in Chicago. It was then he started his diet of raw vege- tables. Improvement began al-" most at once, he says. He became an expert swimmer and gained robust health. He lost all his hair during the paralysis but now boasts a lux- uriant white mane which he at- tributes to the vegetable diet. Dr. Estes met the present Mrs. rest=,, his second wife, when she came to him, after his own recovery, to be treated for throat paralysis. A graduate of the Cincinnati Col- lege of Music, she had been forced to abandon her music ca- reer because of the throat ail- ment. Dr. Estes cured her with his raw vegetable diet. During a great part of the year the Estes vegetarians wear a minimum of clothing, allowing air and sunlight to supplement the vegetable diet. Insistent on a regulated diet, Dr. and Mrs. Estes are inclined to place little store by names for their l 1--soon to be 12-:-rugged youngsters, A three-year-old and s two-year-old respond re- spectively to Dimples and Chick- adee. The St. Louis name occurs six times. A son by the first marriage is St. Louis, Jr., and then the boys range to St. Louis VI. "A man's ability to become a father is almost unlimited," says George trembled instead of Shook George were quieter instead of Lauder Elaine were a river instead of a Brook a cobbler instead of t Charles were J a Taylor I Oliver were going instead of I Cumming. George were a chef instead of a] Butler Jack were the dough instead of he Yeast Luce Betty were tight instead of THRU TIE KEYHOLE Can anyorLe tell who the senior boy is who recently cut his hair short so that it now looks like a stiff brush ? Who are the two so-called trum- peters in the auditorium first per- iod who believe they are duplicates for the great Loule Armstrong? And who, pray tell, is the soph- omore infant who originated the idea of rolled-up pants legs on cold days ? As we looked around we noticed two_ sophomore boys who are wild and wooly west anyway, they wear cowboy boots to school. And who was the great big tall a blonde and handsome brute who Piana Mary were a chink instead of a Scott Rovilla were a spinner instead of a Weaver Mary were a buyer instead of Seller Jerry were wrong instead of Wright. Wood were blue instead of Grey. Bob would run up instead of Walkup, had the first date of his life Tues- day at the election dance? Here's a tip he's a sophomore, and she ls a P. G. Who were the two dancers at the barn dance Friday wo did a solo flight, or was it a tail spin ? Who was the child who was sol angry when he saw a column in the Who's Who department of the last edition of the paper? He immed- iately demanded that the editors Dr. Bates, "if he gets plenty of sunshine, eats his food raw, and confines his intake to vegetables, milk and nuts." "Childbirth should have no terror nor greatly inconvenience a woman who follows Dr. Estes' diet," says Mrs. Estes. The other morning Miss Bostrom asked her English class to write a short informal essay. Imagine her surprise when a student handed in the following. "Some people are very prejudiced against liquor. I see no reason for this. I think that liquor is all right if taken in the right manner. And of coure in the right quanuLles. (We're shocked to tears.) Here are some of the "boners" that were made in recent examina- tions: After Napoleon married he fought many battles. (Hmm, in- teresting if true.) Two occupations of the civilized race are work and .looking for I work. (Really ?) Milton wrote "Paradise Lost" then his wife died and he wrote Paradise Regained." (That's a new one on us,) A woman's brain w-Aghs almost ,as much as the human brain. (Con. sult your doctor.) The president has the power to appoint and disappoint the mem- bers of his cabinet. (Ask the cabi- net.) The male inhabitants of Paris are called larasites. (Well, how about the U. S. A.?, What is the chief cause of di- vorce ? Marriage. ( Out of bounds.) The Spartan boys were beaten to death sometimes to see if they could stand i.t. A monsoon is a French gentle- man. (Oui, Oui.) She looked like an angel going down the street but she was only a human bean (Waxer, green or string ?) Since pro means the opposite of con can you give an illustration? Progress and Confress. (Foul ball.) Here is the answer Mr. Syverson gave yours truly When he was ask- ed what he thought of the recent Hit]er-Ohamberlain conference.- Chamberlain's faith in Hitler may be based on the fact .that Hitler did not swipe his umbrella. (Don't let the Fuhrer get hold of that, Mr, Syverson.) And then we hear the story of the movie theatre owner who had all his teeth X-rayed. Seems like he .wanted a preview of his coming extractions. (That guy's a genius.) LEGAL NOTICES NOTICE -- PUBLICATION OF SUMMONS TO JAY E. DODGE, J. E. !T)ODGE, LUCY J. DODGE of Mc- Intosh, Washington, LLEWLLYN L. MILLER, L. L. MII]DR and ESTEBELLE MILL]DR A N D retract their statements or else he ESTE BELLE MILLE of Paler- would sue. The editors did not and too, Californi,a, and HARVEY so did he. FRY of Olympia, Washington; C. Who was the brilliant basketball IC. COLEM.b_Tq, C. S. GILLESPIE player on the Sophomore team who i and A. O..A.DERSON, )f address shot a basket for the juniors, unknown, and to the unknown heirs TO Prepare a,l Englls Paper and devisees of the above named 1. Tear the paper gently from lpersons who may now be deceas- the notebook so as not to damage ed: , me'" rings." .  You and each of you will t/the : Always write in ink first, then tnotlce hereby that C. A. Skalin- i -encil A teacher will ap der, as pl,aintiff, has filed in the CrePYlate he extra work District Court of West0n County, 1, 3. If you have learned the gram- l Wyoming, her petition against you mar rules, unlearn them. Show the ana each oz you as defendants, teacher you're independent, praying to quiet her title and pos session in and to the follovring 4. Never write brilliantly; let the teacher enjoy herself telling you. 5. Don't follow dictionary pell- ing. A modernistic style is much to be preferred. 6. Don',t date it, don't sign it, and ' then don t hand it in.--North Star. Who Wrote This When Tuesday afternoon saw two good games, with the seniors taking te tournament not without difficulty. The sophs, who have weight, put up a good scrap and lost to the improved seniors by a score of -- lands, to-wit: SE%SWl, SSE of Sec- tion 32, SW4SW4 of Section 33, Township 45 North of Range 63 West of the 6th P. M., SWNW, NSW4 NSE of Section 5 Town- ship 44 North of Rnge 63 West of the 6thP M inWes- ton County, Wyoming, and to exclude you and each of ,you from all claims or interests to --. of any nature or kind in the said The juniors had difficulty in edg- ! lands or teins thereon. ing into third pl,ace. The score -- to -- typifies the play. You are further notified that un- After seeing the boys in action, Coach Strong has a good idea as to the ability of this year's team. SATRICAL COMMENTS By Alex iViitich "Pankey" says that he's as happy as a sophomore sitting in the sec- ond story window of a frat house with a paper bag full of water. -- (Gosh, Pankey, we didn't know she affected you that badly.) less you answer to the petition the plaintiff on or before the day of December, A.D. judgment will be rendered you as prayed in said petition, Dated on this 22nd vember. A D. 1938. NIary C. Titus, C. A. Skalinder plaintiff. N. 24, D. 1-8-15)